The new product range now includes StarFish 425F, the higher resolution side scan sonar and the higher frequency StarFish 990F. These new products compliment the already established StarFish 450 series, already known for its ability to capture great detail at low-range. The new range of StarFish Seabed Imaging Systems continues the signature full-body, three-fin, hydrodynamic design; which improves stability, when flying through the water.

450F Towed Side Scan System


The original StarFish shallow water side scan sonar provides spectacular images of the seabed. StarFish 450F still offers a powerful, yet affordable, entry-level side scan sonar system for shallow water survey work.


The signature hydrodynamic full body three-fin design improves stability of the sonar while it is being towed, which helps further improve the quality of the images it produces.


StarFish 450F is a popular choice with wreck and dive clubs.

StarFish 450F brochure

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450H Side Scan System


StarFish 450H has been specifically designed to be fitted to the hull or transom of a vessel, helping you capture the best possible images of the seabed below.


Offering the same technical specification and imaging capability as StarFish 450F sonar, 450H removes the worry of snagging a towing cable.


The compact, slim-line sonar design combined with our flexible mounting bracket ensures that the system can be quickly fitted to your vessel, getting you started in no time.

StarFish 450H brochure

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452F Towed Side Scan System


Building on the technology of the 450 series, StarFish 452F is a higher resolution side scan sonar offering higher definition imagery.


With half the horizontal beam angle (for twice the resolution), StarFish 452F utilises our our advanced digital CHIRP acoustic technology, developed from the professional underwater survey industry.

StarFish 452F brochure

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990F Towed Side Scan System


A higher frequency unit for high resolution survey in ports, harbours and inland waterways such as rivers and canals.


With detailed image definition and target detection, StarFish 990F is also ideal for Search and Recovery (SAR) operations.

StarFish 990F brochure

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