We chose Pelican cases to protect our products because of their world famous reputation for building the
toughest cases.


For more than 30 years Pelican has been manufacturing cases for the most extreme environments, when we
want our products protected we use Pelican.

Tough as they come
For 30 years Pelican has built a reputation for manufacturing the toughest Protector Cases in the world. They are made with Copolymer Polypropylene, using an open cell core and solid wall construction.


The new double-throw latches are smarter and easier to open, and stainless steel pins are used for hinges and handles.


All Pelican cases come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Pelican Range
There is a Pelican case available for virtually every need and application. If you have valuable equipment that needs protection, there will be a Pelican product which will do the job.


Pelican is constantly expanding it's range to include many other products and accessories used in sporting, security, millitary and commercial industries.


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