HYPACK® provides all of the tools necessary to complete your hydrographic, side scan and magnetometer survey requirements. With over 4,000 users around the world, HYPACK® provides you with the tools necessary to meet almost any hydrographic survey requirement. It provides tools to design your survey, collect your data, apply corrections to soundings, remove outliers, plot field sheets, export data to CAD, compute volume quantities, generate contours, create side scan mosaics and create/modify electronic charts.



HYPACK® is PC-based Windows software for planning, conducting, editing and publishing hydrographic surveys.
It contains powerful tools that let you quickly design your survey and display your results.


HYPACK® MAX's SURVEY program allows the flexibility and power needed to perform your work. Its graphical
editing routines allow you to quickly edit your survey data.

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DREDGEPACK® is designed to save you money. It keeps your crew working in the dredge cut and prevents them from wasting time and money by digging too deep or outside the channel.


DREDGEPACK® is designed to work with cutter suction, hopper, bucket and excavator operations.

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HYSWEEP® is an optional module that provides for the calibration, data collection and data processing of multibeam sonar data inside the HYPACK® package. HYSWEEP® has been integrated to almost all multibeam systems, including those from Odom, Reson, Konigsberg/Simrad, Elac/Seabeam, and GeoAcoustics.

With over 500 HYSWEEP® users on six continents, HYSWEEP® has proven to be powerful, cost effect and easy to learn.

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