BioSonics offers the widest range of hydroacoustic solutions for resource managers, researchers, regulatory agencies and private industry users worldwide.


Products include hydroacoustic hardware, software and accessories, and are field-proven, versatile, and optimized for maximum flexibility, reliability and ease of operation.

The DT-X™ series of echosounders is offered in portable or rack mount versions and features a fully programmable Linux based embedded processor, Ethernet wired or wireless communication and integration of GPS data. System architecture allows virtually unlimited control and deployment options including remote control via the Internet and autonomous operation above or below the surface, with on board data storage and real-time data streaming.


DT-X systems feature BioSonics' renowned digital transducers, offered in a range of frequencies and beam patterns to fit the users needs. Our digital transducers are available in either single beam or split beam architecture. Transducers can be equipped with an optional integrated orientation sensor, which automatically outputs the real world coordinates of the transducer to compensate for vessel or tow body motion, thereby maximizing survey accuracy.


The classic BioSonics portable DT-X echosounder can support up to 5 transducers in a multiplexed configuration, allowing researchers to acquire simultaneous acoustic data from a variety of frequencies and transducer orientations.


Rack mount versions of the DT-X echosounder, primarily used in fixed-location deployments, can support up to 16 transducers. Transducer arrays can be networked together, allowing for virtually unlimited monitoring possibilities.


BioSonics develops and supports a variety of software modules, each tailored to specific applications including assessment of fish and marine life, submerged aquatic vegetation, bottom classification and bathymetry.


BioSonics also offers customized software solutions for automated monitoring systems and other innovative hydroacoustic applications.


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